We are on strike: Education must pay off – for state employees too!

To those affected by the strike

Third parties will always be affected when a wage settlement ends in conflict and a strike. This is deeply regrettable, but we hope for understanding that we are using this tool in the fight for better working conditions and fairer wages.

Pupils and students at schools and in higher education, and users of police services, are some of those affected when there is a strike in the public sector. We do what we can to ensure that the consequences are as small as possible. Here is some information for those of you affected by the strike.

Any escalation of the strike will be reported on unio.no and in our other channels, such as Unio’s Facebook page, X (Twitter) and Instagram.

Although Unio members have gone on strike at an enterprise, this does not mean that the enterprise is closed, it varies how many members have gone on strike at the individual business.

Below are some questions and answers that may be of interest.

Employees at universities and colleges can carry out examination work at another institution, provided that the person with whom they are to carry out examination has not gone on strike.

If the college/university has been called out on strike, attend as usual and wait for further information from the management. Not everyone at the institution has been taken out on strike.

The strike could have consequences for the exam, which depends on the examiner, and perhaps especially for the oral exam. If the exam is cancelled, it is up to the employer whether a new exam will be offered immediately after a possible strike or whether they have to wait six months or a year. It is the employer’s responsibility to get the exam completed for the students and thus also print out the diploma.